Testing Suitability of Ovixcell® for Short-Term Hypothermic Preservation of Dairy Sheep Semen

Objective of this work was to study the effect of a) semen extenders (extenders prepared in the laboratory versus commercial products) and b) storage temperature (15°C versus 5°C) on the qualitative characteristics and fertilizing ability of ram semen, during the anoestrous period.

Duration: 2008-2009
Funding: IMV-Technologies, France
Project Leader: Dr. A. Lymberopoulos
  • NAGREF, Veterinary Research Institute (Thessaloniki)
  • IMV-Technologies, France

Publication of project results:

  • Liquid Storage of Ovine Semen in a New Chemically Defined Medium. Lymberopoulos AG, Khalifa TAA, Tsakmakidis IA, Samartzi F, Schmitt E, Desherces S and Delhomme G. 2009. 13th Annual Conference of ESDAR, Ghent (Presentation OC3-2), Reproduction in domestic animals, 44 (s3), p. 77.